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Monday, January 02, 2006

Baabda-Lahoud: Nothing Left to Say

Of course Lahoud has been totally irrelevant since the departure of his Syrian friends, if not well before. Baabda's work, if you can call it that, has been confined to obstructionism and releasing daily communiqués to defend against daily accusations and attacks on its occupant.

In the most recent communiqué, the Baabda geniuses show that they have nothing left to say, or at least nothing that makes any sense.

In the aftermath of the Abdel Halim Khaddam revelations, which pretty much confirm what everybody and Mehlis knew, Lahoud was also accused of inciting tensions between his own PM Hariri and the Assad regime.

In response, the Baabda communiqué says that Lahoud and Hariri were getting along famously, that it was not Baabda's job to provide security, AND that when 60 security personnel were pulled from (then ex-PM) Hariri's protection, Lahoud offered to have the PRESIDENTIAL GUARD protect Hariri:

"Still, when President Lahoud knew that the security personnel to protect Hariri were withdrawn, he [Lahoud] expressed his willingness to send members from the republican guards to help in his [Hariri's] protection, but Hariri thanked him saying he had his own private security," the statement released by the presidential palace said on Sunday. (from Naharnet)

Has anyone told the communiqué-writing cretins in Baabda that the HEAD OF THE PRESIDENTIAL Guard, general Mustafa Hamdan, is a prime suspect in the Hariri assassination and that he is currently under arrest along with others from the presidential guard?

No one is this imbecilic. It just has to be the pressure to put out something when there is NOTHING, but really nothing, left to say.

PS. Marwan Hamade attacked the communiqué in question on the same point and others (in French, link valid one day ).


  • At 1/2/06, 10:58 PM, Blogger hale said…


    You say: "No one is this imbecilic.

    Come on, man, you JUST identified someone as that imbecilic!! Matter of fact, there have been a lot of imbecilic people in this affair, starting with Bashar, and going on down. Only sad thing is that a number of good people wound up dead due to those imbeciles!!

  • At 1/2/06, 11:03 PM, Blogger Abu Kais said…

    I think there was a time when people bought into the notion that Lahoud was a passive figure who takes orders from Bashar and co. After Khaddam's "revelations", if one can call them that, his past and present criminal role, as well as his personal and direct responsibility for the events that transpired since the attempt on Hamade's life, will prove to be bigger than expected. Al-Seyassah today quoted a member of George Hawi's family as saying Ghazale actually called them to inform them that Lahoud's people were behind the assassination. Frankly, I never understood why Syria would kill Hawi of all people. When we add the Lahoud factor, I think the picture becomes clearer.

  • At 1/2/06, 11:20 PM, Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said…

    "that it was not Baabda's job to provide security, AND that when 60 security personnel were pulled from (then ex-PM) Hariri's protection, Lahoud offered to have the PRESIDENTIAL GUARD protect Hariri:"

    Can't you see the contradiction here?

  • At 1/3/06, 6:16 AM, Blogger Raja said…

    I swear to god, the worst thing that has happened to the instution of the presidency in Lebanon was/is/will always be Lahoud.

    Stupid bastard!

  • At 1/3/06, 3:34 PM, Blogger ghassan said…

    It has become apparent that Lahoud will never be shamed into resiging his office. This leaves only two options: (A) Massive demonstrations all across the country should be held to ask for his resignation and possibly trial if there is even judicial evidence. The Ba'abda press releases keep hinting at the popular support that the president enjoys. Let us take to the streets and show the rascal that he does not enjoy any support except from his fellow Syrian agents.

    (B) Parliaments all over the world occasionally rescind laws and constitutional ammendments especially when it has been demonstrated that the original statute was passed under false pretenses. (I am not a lawyer but I will be very much surprised if the law does not provide a legal and constitutional way out of this mess).

  • At 1/4/06, 8:41 AM, Blogger carine said…

    will leave a thoughtful comment later, but just wanted to write re: new naharnet urls--

    SUPER annoying, and there is probably an easier way, but you can get the url by right-clicking on the article text, you should get a menu item titled something like "this frame"-- select "view frame info" and you can copy the actual url from there. i know it sounds like a headache but it only takes like 2.5 seconds, really :) hope that helps!

    also, as long as it still shows up in the newsdesk sidebar, you can just right-click the link to the article and copy its location.

    oh, and happy new year josey (and everyone else)!!

  • At 1/4/06, 1:39 PM, Blogger JoseyWales said…

    Thanks Carine, your method works and is easy enough.

    Also, I figured just now, you can right click on the title-link (from another page) and go "copy link" and just paste it.


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