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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gov that Wouldn't: The VIDEO

Re my "Gvmnt that could't/would'nt" post, I want to thank Blacksmith Jade for linking to me, and for posting the video of the (presumed Amal/Berri) creep shooting his RPG in the middle of the street.

In my post on the subject I assumed, probably rashly, that my readers had seen the video and knew that my line about "being on youtube" was real and not a joke. (In Lebanon, the line between reality and jokes disappeared a long time ago).

I am also not very adept at linking vids and the like. Anyway, Blacksmiths have the video link, and we can fairly presume that the guy is still loose while the army, the police, and the judiciary are all asleep at the switch.

All the while, our stupid press is focused on the irrelevant: Arab summit, 1960 law, who replaces Suleiman as army cheief when he's elected? (I can't even believe this last one).

Correct me if I am wrong, but is there any ONE newspaper, or TV station that put up this thug's picture and editorialized like the Blacksmiths: "Arrest that man!"?


  • At 3/13/08, 12:17 PM, Anonymous Bad Vilbel said…

    I had not seen that video until now. I am utterly and completely speechless right now.

    May they all rot in hell. May that entire country burn and rot in hell like it deserves.

  • At 3/13/08, 1:19 PM, Blogger Blacksmith Jade said…

    Hey Josey,

    Thanks for the thanks...

    ...as you mentioned in this post, I honestly thought the YouTube reference was a joke...I thought the rocket part was a joke...I mean we had (unfortunately) gotten used to reports of gunfire...but a rocket!!!???

    In any case...on my blog...right sidebar...there is a link to the Ministry of Justice (Interior's is under construction), and on the site (in the running info bar) is an email address which anyone can use to contact the "appropriate authorities"...

    ...haha, hold on, I'm laughing at myself...

    ...ok, back to my (semi?-)delustional state...maybe if enough people send in an email, or maybe even contact some tv stations down there or something, someone will do something...


  • At 3/13/08, 1:21 PM, Anonymous Bad Vilbel said…

    You think they check the email???

    BJ, you need to get out more often...

  • At 3/13/08, 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    C'mon Josey and BV!
    How can you bash the police/judiciary when you know they are busy with more important things ?
    like... those bunch of facebook criminals.
    Let the folk enjoy a happy "the z3aim is on TV" moment.
    !الدنيا حلوة
    الدنيا حلوة

  • At 3/13/08, 4:10 PM, Anonymous Bad Vilbel said…

    I just have to wonder where that RPG rocket landed/exploded. And if some poor child lost his mother, or some poor mother lost her child due to said idiots enjoying their zaim's speech...

  • At 3/13/08, 4:59 PM, Blogger Marillionlb said…

    Keep in mind that the night before the Iztaz did ask his supporters to "behave". What if he didn't ?
    What if the army intervened and stopped those thugs, would we have seen more officers arrested?
    I think Suleiman made it perfectly clear, the army has a new found duty to defend Syria from any Israeli attack.
    And today they are coordinating with the Hizb on how to deal with the upcoming Israeli war.
    God bless them all !

  • At 3/13/08, 5:03 PM, Anonymous Bad Vilbel said…

    May they all rot in hell.

  • At 3/14/08, 10:15 AM, Blogger Ms Levantine said…

    Are you guys for real?

    The gentleman with the RPG is a future MP and odds are that JW, BV et al. have more chances to be arrested in Lebanon than him.

    BTW JW, any news of the M14 killer platform to solve all our problems? I have been holding my breath for some time now and it is becoming uncomfortable.


  • At 3/14/08, 12:48 PM, Anonymous Bad Vilbel said…

    Ms Levantine,

    I'm sure you saw the M14 platform today. Josey was pretty much on the money when he predicted a bunch of "hot air".
    Nothing concrete.

  • At 3/14/08, 2:02 PM, Blogger Ms Levantine said…

    Tks for the info BV, I had forgotten that today is the Cedar's Revolution third anniversary.

    Happy 14th to y'all.


  • At 3/16/08, 11:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sunday, March 16, 2008
    Robert "Dick" Fisk: Always Smelly but never so Slick
    In his March 15, 2008, opinion "Silenced by the Men in White Socks", Rober Fisk of the Independent proves himself, yet again, to be the true dick that he always was.

    First, somehow in his "deep thoughts" about the Middle East, which he has intellectually plundered over the years with the Orientalist inanities of the bored English countryside "gentleman" (bad teeth, stinking bad breath, and all) that he is, he has noticed that "all the men of the Arab Mukhabaraat - Intelligence - Services wear white socks". What relevance does this have to do with human rights in Syria is beyond comprehension, unless perhaps Dick Fisk wishes to add a smudge of nostalgic Orientalist poetry to his perpetually boring blatherings about the Middle East, which, after decades of his own intellectual Onanist machinations, have yet to climax into anything worth remembering him for.

    Second, this English dick of a British journalist has spent a lifetime shoving his nose into other peoples' asses that he can no longer smell his own filth. In a not so subtle attack on France's legacy in the Lebanon-Syria area - still to drill the standard canard about how artificial Lebanon is as a country and how much victimized was "Syria" by the French- this English dick states that:

    "First came the one-armed General Henri Gouraud, who tore Lebanon off from Syria in 1920 and gave it to the pro-French Christians. Then Paris handed the Syrian coastal city of Alexandretta to the Turks in 1939 – sending survivors of the 1915 Armenian genocide into exile for a second time – in the hope that Turkey would join the Allies against Hitler. (The Turks obliged – in 1945!) Then in the Six Day War, Syria lost the Golan Heights – subsequently annexed by Israel. Far from being expansionist, Syria seems to get robbed of land every two decades."

    Why, I ask, is Dick Fisk avoiding the stench coming from south of the Lebanese border? Perhaps out of shame for the atrocious and utterly hypocritical role played by his beloved Albion in the creation of the State of Israel, the partition of Palestine, the displacement of the Palestinian people, the dismantling of historic Palestine by the the British Mandate, the creation of the equally artificial Jordan, Israel and Iraq, the deprivation by the British Empire of the Kurdish people of a righteous place among the nations, in the hope of stuffing the British treasury with European Jewish funds, and building railroads through Turkey to the oil fields in the Gulf, maintaining British control over these oil fields and the route to India (not to mention the partition of India and the creation of the failure called Pakistan today), etc. All of this, in fact, much more recently than France's withdrawal from the region, since Kuwait and a bunch of the decadent and equally smelly pro-English Sunni Arab emirates south of the Peninsula were still British Protectorates well into the 1960s.

    Third, you can hear Dick Fisk's own yelps as he pleads with his Syrian victims of French colonialism to stop abusing and arresting human rights activists - "Why – oh why – must this be so? Why did the Syrian secret police have to arrest....", as if these arrests were merely superfluous mistakes over an otherwise clean record, But Dick Fisk's yelps reveal that by doing so the Syrians have shattered all the lies on which Dick Fisk has rested his entire career. These arrests, it seems, inflict greater harm on Dick Fisk himself, in a psychotic version of the Stockholm Syndrome of which he suffers, than they cause their real victims, because they shatter the "nice" image of the Syrian regime which he spent his life painting, while bashing the many many victims of that regime. Listen to his yelps addressed to the Syrian regime:
    "Instead, we've gone back to the midnight knock and the clanging of the cell door. Why – oh why – must this be so? Why did the Syrian secret police have to arrest Dr Ahmed Thoma, Dr Yasser el-Aiti, Jabr al-Shufi, Fayez Sara, Ali al-Abdulla and Rashed Sattouf in December, only days after they – along with 163 other brave Syrians – had attended a meeting of the Damascus Declaration for Democratic Change? The delegates had elected Dr Fida al-Hurani head of their organisation. She, too, was arrested, and her husband, Dr Gazi Alayan, a Palestinian who had lived in Syria for 18 years, deported to Jordan."
    Yalla, we say in Lebanese, what's another British or English dick going to do more than his own "empire" did for centuries? They'll always come and go, though never as persistently as this genuinely phallic dick called Rober Fisk, and yet he, unlike all of them, has yet to "finish" and go home.



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