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Saturday, March 31, 2007

April Fools: Early and Many

While our government, country and people have become a laughing stock, and a boring one at that, our local clowns are treating us to early April fools.

PM Saniora/Seniora sends the international tribunal papers to the paralyzed-dysfunctional parliament. Thanks to Nabih Berri/Berry, no one is there to receive the papers.

In that action, Naharnet sees machismo and cunning on the part of Milquetoast Saniora and titles: Saniora corners Berri over International Tribunal. Not exactly King Leonidas of Sparta. Anyone impressed, besides the Nahar guys?

Berri refuses to receive any documents referred to Parliament by the Saniora government which [sic] he terms illegitimate after the resignation of six pro-Syrian ministers late last year.
Thanks to Saniora and M14's inexistent/inadequate PR campaign, a shadow has been cast over the government's legality. Fine. IMO, the way you “corner” Berri is by moving to the next issue. By pounding Berri on why exactly is it that the parliament is not meeting? Berri needs to be asked repeatedly why, with the other institutions clearly paralyzed, parliament is NOT doing its duty (tribunal or not).

Naharnet again:
The latest move by Saniora opens the door for an escalation of the political confrontation between the majority and opposition.
“Opens the door for an escalation”? I think we've gone well beyond all doors and thresholds the past a few months.

The other joker is also an M14 member in good standing: Saad Hariri, who after saying that 19+11 was political suicide (it is) added:

"The majority [M14] will exercise its right through the constitution…the other side shouldn't think that we are incapable or we can't hold a government or parliament session," he said.


M14 will “exercise its right”? How so? And why only now? Reminds me of President Lahoud who, upon taking oath of office eons ago, promised us rule-of-law in 1998 and in 2004 and several times in-between, claiming each time “This time, I really, really, mean it”.

You can "hold a parliament" session? OK Saad, hold one.

“The other side shouldn’t think we are incapable”? Sorry Saad but why shouldn’t they?

Both you and Saniora are incapable. When the Syrians left and the new government was being formed, you had a small window of opportunity for action. You blew it.

You can’t give your opponents the initiative for two years and then tell me that, soon, one day, for real now cuz-we-mean-it, you are going to wake up and make the necessary decisions. Too late. That train has left the station. The horse has fled the barn. The toothpaste is out of the tube, since you and Saniora are so fond of clichés.

Stop talking about acting. Act or shut up. And for the love of God, stop traveling like morons from one capital to the next.

Stop focusing on lost battles. Focus on the battles you have not lost yet, but are about to lose: parliament’s current legality, and much more importantly the presidential election. Right now, it looks like there won't be one.

M8 and Aoun are already trumpeting their false interpretations of the constitutional rules in order to sabotage the presidential election. M14 needs to revive the constitutional council and/or have a slew of impressive constitutional experts blasting away at M8, RIGHT NOW and daily until the election.

Yes, I’ve seen a couple of things by constitution experts Hassan Rifai and Salah Honein. However M14 needs more experts and it needs to keep blasting away, lest we end up with two presidents in November.


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