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Friday, June 15, 2007

Sawsan Darwish: The Halakuna Mindset:

Hahaha. What took them so long? You think the next one is Ahmad Fatfat? Halakuna!

Two days ago, a car bomb took the life of its intended victim M14 MP Walid Eido. According to some reports Eido, a former judge, worked recently on the details of the international Hariri tribunal. The bomb also killed his eldest son Khaled, two Nejmeh club players Hussein Dokmak and Hussein Naim, and 6 other passers by (RIP all). Ten people dead in all, plus countless wounded on the Corniche, a popular beach/café strip.

Everyone knows by now that a news anchor at NBN, Sawsan Darwish, was caught on mike gloating over the killing, and “jokingly” wondering when “they” would kill the next M14 MP Ahmad Fatfat. Outrage was followed by her firing (apparently) and by a very lame apology from the network.

My guess is that Sawsan, like Syria’s Bashar, is happy that a critic of Syria, of Nabih Berri (who owns/controls the TV station NBN), and of Hezbollah has been silenced. To her ilk, the added bonus is that now people will be further deterred from upsetting Syria, either by speaking their mind or by sitting on the international tribunal.

I don’t expect this airhead Sawsan newsperson to have deep thoughts on how (serial) political murder affects the rule of law, the future of the republic, the social fabric of the nation etc. But even decency and common sense are nowhere to be found.

God forbid "they" "get” the next person. Fifty people could die with that targeted person, just like the nine people who died with MP Eido. That’s "OK" with people like Sawsan. In their view, it's worth the prize, whatever the hell that may be.

Furthermore, rather attractive anchorettes like this bimbette, journalists and politicians tend to roam the same neighborhoods, and cafes, and restaurants and beaches. What are the odds YOU Sawsan Darwish, or someone dear to you, is killed or maimed in the next bombing-murder? Or the one after that?

In a bitter political fight, it’s one thing to wish you enemy ill. It’s quite another to wish for his death by murder, especially when that murder may/will kill many innocents including YOU.

After her little "joke", Sawsan adds that she/we had enough: “Halakuna!”.

That last comment, I found intriguing. Of course I don’t give a fig what Sawsan Darwish “thinks”. However she is one of very many who think like that on the Hezbo/Amal/Aoun side.

Whatever do they mean?

“Halakuna” literally means “they’ve exhausted us” or “we can’t take it anymore”. A better (though ironic) translation is “they’re killing us!”

I wonder what is it that people like Sawsan cannot take anymore from M14 and the current government? She works for Nabih Berri, so she can't be tired of corruption and incompetence:

Is it the (ill-advised) UN chapter-6 cease-fire her side begged for last summer?

Is it the M14 mushy/wussy response that gave her camp control and paralysis of the downtown area?

Is it the fact that M14 MPs and Ministers are being shot down like ducks in a pretty row at the carnival? (Can’t be that, she wants more.)

Is it the paralysis of all government institutions, led by Nabih Berri’s idled parliament?

What is it that she is tired of, or yearning for? Or is she referring to the Syrians? Halakuna! Maybe they are not killing people fast enough for her taste, as she counts down the days and the number of living M14 MPs to election day.


  • At 6/15/07, 8:55 PM, Blogger R said…

    I was wondering about the same thing... "halakuna"... I mean I would presume she means that march 14 has been too stubborn in not relenting to the "reasonable" demands of the opposition and whoever is behind it... by doing that, she reasons, march 14 has caused the political impasse which has so weakened the country and the psyche of the people... I would think thats what "halakuna" means... It possibly all stems from a belief in the righteousness of the demands of the opposition...

  • At 6/16/07, 10:56 AM, Blogger Blacksmith Jade said…

    You're asking the right questions Josey, keep it up!

  • At 6/16/07, 11:59 AM, Blogger Ecce Libanus said…

    And I suspect the “halakuna” mindset had the time to take root and flourish thanks to M14 and processions of their predecessors’ inclination to “take it easy”; this general irresponsible ethos of “mañana” and “dolce far niente”, this tendency to leave things undon!!. I don’t for how much longer a nation can put up with “bukra” type leaders!!

  • At 6/16/07, 12:37 PM, Blogger JoseyWales said…

    Thanks r, black j, Lou,

    You're all touching on the same thing: the right questions are not being asked, let alone the right actions taken.

    Results: M14 has lost and keeps losing the war of ideas. You can't conduct proper action, assuming willingness, if half the country thinks you're illegitimate and wrong.

  • At 6/18/07, 12:34 PM, Blogger Kamal said…

    I only object to the use of sexist terminology ('airhead', 'anchorette', 'bimbette'; a comment on her appearance; not expecting "deep thought" from people like her, etc.)

    Remember that similar sexism is a staple of Arab critiques of Lebanon's media and broader culture.

  • At 6/18/07, 6:44 PM, Blogger JoseyWales said…

    Come on Kamal,

    Let's not get caught up in PC stuff.

    If Sawsan Drawish can't figure out that she may die in the next bombing, she can't be very smart.

    Furthermore I have little respect for anchors and anchorettes in Leb and elsewhere, most tend to be empty suits/skirts.

    Going overboard sometimes is my style. However I am not going after because she is a woman (and I think you know that).

    What she did/said was indecent and dumb. That's all that matters, and if you are a regular here you know that guys get ripped the same.


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