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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lahoud: Fly Me to Khartoum

You are Emile Lahoud, President of the Republic of Lebanon. The majority in parliament has vowed to cut short your illegitimate, if not illegal, term of office. Your popularity is near zero. The parties and individuals who want you to stay, want it for all sorts of reasons, but respect for your person is nowhere on the list of said reasons. Furthermore, your country is facing dire circumstances. What to do?

You decide to go to a meeting of the Arab League of course. (That's the annual meeting of the Arab League March 28, in Kartoum, Sudan.)
Why? Because the only thing you can do is try to freeze time. And what better way to do that than to go to an event where NOTHING happens, NOBODY cares what happens, NO ONE registers what happens other than some overpaid self-important League bureaucreep.

By the way, if anyone can think of anything, ANYTHING, that the Arab League ever did to improve the lot of a single Arab anywhere, please do inform me. Of course, Arab League ambassadors, employees, and other bloodsuckers don't count.

It should also be noted that Lebanon will NOT be on the agenda of the meeting (L'Orient-Lejour, link good one day).
That is standard operating procedure at League meetings. When an issue is contentious, as are all important issues, it will not be on the agenda.
The OASL, Official Arab League Sweeper, will immediately sweep it under the rug. That is, of course, after collecting his salary which is inversely proportional to his competence level. It goes without saying, expensive gourmet meals and hotels are also part of the deal here.

Back to Emile-the-Useless. He claims today that there is a plot backed by the US and France to oust him from office. Well maybe there is, except this time , also and still, an overwhelming majority of Lebanese want him out. That's the same Emile-the-Useless who was not bothered by the "plot" or "coup" to extend his term, after a few Syrian phone calls and several death threats to the 128 MP-voters involved in his "extension/election".

Does Emile believe what he says or not? I am not sure which option is worse, but will contend that it does not matter.

If he doesn't believe his own words, then he's a liar, obviously up to no good, and intent on pursuing a personal and/or foreign agenda. In that case, he needs to be removed from office ASAP.

On the other hand, if Emile-the-Useless actually believes what he says: defending the constitution, standing against coups, protecting Lebanon from (??), then that would clearly put him in the category of the imbeciles. In that case, he should be removed even faster.

Here's hoping that the traitor-clown is gone by March 28, or sooner.

PS. Lest there be any confusion. I would be prouder if Bozo the clown represented Lebanon at that meeting. However, faithful readers already know, I don't care who represents us there, and would rather see an empty chair under Lebanon's flag.


  • At 2/19/06, 4:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Three cheers for all what you have said in this post. The man is yseless and a traitor to boot. And please do not forget corrupt. I wish that someone will be able to resurrect the issue of "min ain laka hatha?" and apply to many of the pols but Lahoud and his son in particular.
    Removing the president is not a personal vendetta but as you have eloquently argued it is clear that he has been an accomplice with a foreign power for the sake of personal gain besides the universal principal that those at the top of the pyramid should , at a minimum, be responsible for what transpires under their watch. The Chinese have a saying that is very aot in this case" A fish stinks from the head".

  • At 2/19/06, 6:14 PM, Blogger SaudiEve said…

    My first time here . . .
    Great Post

  • At 2/20/06, 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "By the way, if anyone can think of anything, ANYTHING, that the Arab League ever did to improve the lot of a single Arab anywhere, please do inform me. "

    The Arab league improved the standard of living of Amr Musa. Please check the your facts before making unsubstantiated allegations :)

  • At 2/20/06, 6:54 AM, Blogger Charles Malik said…

    Well, the 2002 Arab League peace deal with Israel was heartening until Syria quashed it.

  • At 2/20/06, 7:26 AM, Blogger JoseyWales said…

    Thanks Ghassan and saudieve.

    And Ghassan, like you say no vendetta, but the symbolism and the obstruction in keeping Lahoud have gotten prohibitively costly. The Lebs figured it out (late as usual).

    Vox, it's in the piece: Mussa and other employees are the exception. ;)

    LP, the Peace Deal was dead even before Syria squashed it. The Saudi sponsor talked about it for less than 2 days. It was too little, too late, and the heart of the Arabs was never in it. It was just failed cosmetics, as usual.

  • At 2/20/06, 7:53 AM, Blogger desmond said…

    It could be the only place left where he might be treated as a president..

  • At 2/20/06, 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey - I totally agree with you. But why isn't anyone telling us what's coming up next? What's the point of kicking this guy out, without having planned the after Lahoud period?

    If we want to remove Lahoud to put Aoun in his place, then I pray to God that Lahoud stays in power, for there is nothing worse then having a delisulional, power hungry, egocentric nutcase holding the reins of Lebanon.

  • At 2/20/06, 4:44 PM, Blogger Charles Malik said…

    BTW, I forgot to add, GREAT TITLE!

    I've had "Fly Me to the Moon" in my head all day. It seems Lebanese bloggers have a fun tendency to name posts after song lyrics. Tony/Anton does this all the time.

  • At 2/24/06, 10:27 PM, Blogger Ecce Libanus said…

    JW, great shot, as usual. Keep shooting ;)
    and thanks for visiting, still, and for your good wishes. I reckon I'll be back soon.


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