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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Olmert: In the Footsteps of Saniora

Well, well. Two days after the mysterious Israeli air raid on Syria we get a plausible explanation.

U.S. Official: Israel Raided Syria to Stop Hizbullah Supplies

Israel carried out an air strike well inside Syria last week, apparently to send Damascus a message not to rearm Hizbullah in Lebanon, a U.S. defense official said Tuesday.
Someone took a leaf out of our own Milquetoast Seniora’s book, more specifically out of volume II, the one titled “The fine art of ‘Too little, Too Late’”

What the hell? Israeli intelligence has been saying for months now that Hezbollah’s arsenal in Lebanon is now bigger and more lethal than it was prior to the July 2006 war. Hezbollah claims as much, touting 30,000 rockets or some such number.

I am not sure what Israel is thinking but this air raid seems more related to pressuring Syria as we go into the Lebanese presidential election and to testing Syria’s new Russian air defenses (or see UPDATE below), rather than stopping Hezbo weapons. Too late there.

Plus, you know, our own Saniora is on the case:
Saniora Urges Syria to Help Prevent Arms Smuggling into Lebanon
"Help prevent"? It is their INTENT PURPOSE to send these weapons to Lebanon for nefarious purposes.

Syria has had a 50-year plan to ship weapons to Lebanon for the express double purpose of destabilizing Lebanon and of threatening Israel (in that order). They are also trying to kill PM Seniora/Saniora who keeps calling them “brothers”.

In light of the above, Dim Bulb Seniora woke up two days ago and decided to boldly turn things around by asking Syria to be nice.

"We've always expressed the necessity for serious border control and suitable efforts by our brothers in Syria to control these borders," said Saniora
This is pathos of the utmost.

On the very serious matter threatening to tear the country asunder, the presidential election, re the Berri initiative we have:

Saniora also said that he was open to studying an initiative proposed by House Speaker Nabih Berri[...]
It is a question of moving toward what it is possible to create" and what can be "developed," Saniora said after meeting Arab League chief Amr Moussa.
Study “this” and move toward “that” and create “this” and develop “that” before sticking it where the sun don’t shine Milquy Boy, after of course you’ve discussed our national destiny with yet another frigging foreigner.

But in all that, I must be missing something. Because not only did Olmert adopt Seniora’s (non-) method but now the Syrians are imitating the Master of Inertia.

After the air raid, Syrian Vice President Shara thundered:

"I can say now that in Damascus a series of responses is being examined at the highest political and military levels. The results will not take long in coming," Mr. a-Shara told the Italian newspaper.
Yes, it will not "take long" and very soon, I am sure, NOTHING will happen. You make your enemy-brother Seniora teary-eyed and so very proud.

***UPDATE: Still unclear what, if anything, was raided. See this BBC story and many others. The target had to be important given the risk (and the message is still there). New more dangerous missiles to Hezbo? Chemical weapons/plants? Even nuclear facilities? The speculation goes on.


  • At 9/11/07, 10:36 PM, Anonymous Anat said…

    Yes, I agree it was too little too late. It would help, of course, if Lebanon decided which side it was on, and at least avoid participating in anti-Israeli propaganda if not actually cooperate with Israel against the common enemy. But I reckon this is too much to ask.

  • At 9/12/07, 4:25 AM, Anonymous frenchy said…

    the new russian made defense are not deployed there. They are btw damascus and lataquieh.

    I doubt it s a arm convoy for Hezbollah as it s too close to the turkey border, unless turkey is as well playing a role to rearm the hezbollah. It would be easier to pass through Damascus airport.

    Might be a way to prepare also to get to iran's nuke installation through turkey.

    Ll publish something about it tomorrow. the post is already prepared.

  • At 9/13/07, 3:28 AM, Anonymous frenchy said…

    since yesterday, they are no more talking about an arm convoy but a missile base.

    More logic but still, such "facilities are usually not close to borders

  • At 9/13/07, 6:42 AM, Blogger JoseyWales said…


    According to an Israeli paper (Haartetz I think?), the raid was near Deir el Zawr, near the Iraqi border and far from the Leb border.

  • At 9/13/07, 11:48 AM, Anonymous Vox P said…

    N Korea just condemned the Israeli raid, and Syria didn't let any journalist get near the bombed site. The whole thing smells fishy.

  • At 9/13/07, 1:09 PM, Blogger Bad Vilbel said…

    Too little too late indeed. But I don't buy the story that they hit weapons destined for Hezb. Specially not after they allowed 30,000 rockets and other weapons to make it to Hezbollah unmolested.

    I find the chemical weapons / nuke facility story a lot more plausible. Specially in light of the North Koreans being the only folks besides Syria who protested the raid.

    And let's not forget the couple of "heat wave" related explosions that happened at military bases a few months ago.

    This wasn't about Hezbollah missiles. This is something bigger. WMD or similar.

  • At 9/15/07, 10:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Amour, Tolérance, Paix, Calme, Rationalité, Compassion, Ouverture à l’Otre, Pacifisme etc


  • At 9/18/07, 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It's funny! When Israel occupied, killed, murdered, rapped and stole lives for over 22 years it was ok, where was evryone then. Oh, I forgot, they where with Israeli. So now we get someone that finally stands up to this cancerious tumor and actually does some damage (defeat) to its mighty army, the whole arab world stands up against them, you know why? because it is nt in the best interest of any of our Arab leaders. So now instead of helping this cause, we look to disarm. Shame on every single person who allowed or did not speak or something everytime a palestinian or Lebanese child was murdered by Israel. Since 1948, they have been allowed to do what wanted. Shame, shame ,shame!


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