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Monday, July 23, 2007

Tolstoy/Hayek over Bush

Culture over politics. And people over leaders.

This post, mostly a link, is dedicated to all those who keep saying and writing letters-to-the-editor and open letters (and that includes you Ghassan Tueni and Rami Khouri): if only our leaders would do this, if only our politicians would do that…

Here’s David Brooks via Café Hayek (and via Josey):

Tolstoy had a very different theory of history. Tolstoy believed great leaders are puffed-up popinjays. They think their public decisions shape history, but really it is the everyday experiences of millions of people which organically and chaotically shape the destiny of nations — from the bottom up.

Politics is a thin crust on the surface of culture. Political leaders can only play a tiny role in transforming a people, especially when the integral fabric of society has dissolved. [Bold mine]
Apply everywhere. Apply to Lebanon.

The whole Café Hayek piece is there (with link to Brooks in the NYT, though he’s behind the registration wall).

PS. Josey’s out for a week or so. Be safe all.


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