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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Constitution: Do It to Me One More Time

"Parliament speaker Nabih Berri has decided to postpone the session scheduled for next Monday to Wednesday November 21 at 10:30 am," a house statement said.

Berri trashes the constitution yet again. PM Seniora/Saniora has nothing to say. And Batrack Sfeir, who has uttered the words “lawful” and “constitutional” over a zillion time this past year, is going merrily along.

The constitution, article 73, clearly says if TEN days before the presidential term expires (Nov 24), the Chamber (MPs) has not convened to elect, the Chamber AUTOMATICALLY meets to proceed with the election. There is no need for the Chamber to be summoned by anyone, let alone the stupid piece of dog feces who presides over parliament.

Article 73 [Election of the President]
One month at least and two months at most before the expiration of the term of office of the President of the Republic, the Chamber is summoned by its President to elect the new President of the Republic. However, should it not be summoned for this purpose, the Chamber meets of its own accord on the tenth day preceding the expiration of the President's term of office. (Bold mine).

November 14 IS ten days before the current (extended and unconstitutional) presidential term expires. Berri has no authority whatsoever to convene anything anymore.

Maybe the hair-splitters will argue, well Berri “summoned” but “they” did not come (including damned Berri). So, article 73 does not apply anymore. I wonder how many articles are still valid under the wonderful Saudi-Syrian Taef document?

Ironically, if you try to go to the web site of the now-defunct Constitutional Council, you get “This site is temporarily disabled”. Temporarily? I think not. The gods have spoken.


  • At 11/10/07, 12:17 PM, Anonymous ghassan karam said…

    If the Lebanese populace consists of sheep only then their MP's are representatives who have no spine, no brain and no heart. The MPs are only shadows of humans and to expect otherwise at this important juncture is a mistake. Remember that these are the same guys who have accepted to cash in their huge monthly salaries for over two years without performing even a single function. They accepted to become marginalized without making a fuss, hell maybe they even facilitated it.

    Believe it or not I am not mad at Bkirki if they suggest some nominees and I will not be upset if Beri and Hariri make some recommendations based on these names. All the above can charitably be explained to reside within the letter of the law but what I find totally unacceptable would be for the MP's to limit themselves to the list suggested by either Bkirki or whoever. That is unconscionable. Obviously the worst of all crimes is the aquiesence of the Lebanese citizen/sheep. ( They do not even need to be dragged to be slaughtered at the alter of authoritarianism .immorality and unlawful behaviour, they are willing participants in their own demise, actually they cheer their executioners.

  • At 11/14/07, 7:20 AM, Anonymous Marillionlb said…

    What constitution? When was our constitution fully respected? How many exceptions to this constitution we have have witnessed in recent past under the label "for one time only"?
    And why is it that the Taef accord is to be considered rule of our land?
    ever since our independence Lebanese went on various levels of elections with individual agendas in mind. Votes were (even before the civil war) bought and sold. Lebanese are not only sheep hurling themselves over the cliff for cheap slogans, but have this amazing ability to half their IQ when it comes to excercising their political duties.
    No matter what happens in the next few days, Lebanon's change for the better could only come through education, civic education.
    Yes I know it is a far`fetched dream.

  • At 11/15/07, 2:28 AM, Blogger Riemer Brouwer said…

    Berri is not stupid and hence he has summoned the Parliament for a meeting on the 21st, thus making it impossible for the Parliament to meet on its own accord.

    If Berri had not called for a meeting, the MPs could have organized a session by themselves.

  • At 11/15/07, 6:40 AM, Blogger JoseyWales said…

    Riemer, Marillion

    I think the article says if the Chamber is NOT summoned 1 to 2 months before term-end, then it should meet of its own accord.

    You may have a point od debate, but like marillion said the supreme law has become meaningless, a fact that will take years to recover from.

  • At 11/16/07, 3:32 AM, Anonymous marillionlb said…

    Ever since Berri in his infinite wisdom decided to postpone the first session he gave any MP block the right to conveine without him and seek a majority president. They first have to ensure a two third attendance in the first round, if that fails they have the right to elect whoever they want via a simple majority + 1.


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