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Saturday, September 09, 2006

What's Wrong with this Picture?

From Naharnet:

Italian PM Prodi: Assad to Allow EU Troops on Lebanese Border

Syrian President Bashar Assad has agreed to allow European troops to enforce an arms embargo along the border between his country and Lebanon, Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi announced Saturday.

"The Syrian president has welcomed my proposal to send border guards from the European Union to control the passage of weapons between Syria and Lebanon," Prodi said in the southern Italian city of Bari.

These border guards "will not be armed and will not be in uniform but will have all the necessary equipment to control the passage of weapons toward southern Lebanon," said Prodi, who had spoken with the Syrian president by telephone.(AFP)

Other than the fact that Lebanon should be free to do whatever it wants on ITS side of the border without Syrian approval,

Other than the fact that Syria's Assad rejects or minds Lebanese army deployment on OUR side of the border, but now seems to accept some kind of Italian presence,

Other than the fact that, again, UN controllers will be running around with cameras and notebooks instead of guns to deal with thugs (better than nothing, Le Figaro says 500 Italians),

Did everyone, including Prodi, forget that Syria is a totalitarian state where three Mukhabarat types follow every denizen 24/7, even to the bathroom?

Do we need to talk about the BORDER with Assad when Russian/Chinese/Iranian HEAVY weapons enter Syria's tightly controlled borders and airports and make their way to the Lebanese border?

Does that happen just like that with no knowledge (not to say plan) on the part of the Syrian government?

Will the stupid games ever stop?