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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Doctrine of Too-Little-Too-Late

In the land of too-little-too-late, PM Milquetoast Seniora is, on a daily basis, elevating that concept to new heights. Maybe we should start calling "too-little-too-late" the Seniora/Sanioura doctrine.

From Naharnet:

Saniora: 'Door Open' to Changes in Hariri Tribunal

Someone tell Miquestoast that the time to call a press conference, squarely look in the camera and challenge Hezbollah to say EXACTLY what changes they want in the matter of the tribunal was two months ago. Or a few billion dollars ago, or a few thousand jobs ago, or a couple of dead ministers ago or....you get the picture.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

What's The Rush?

Bakkir Ba3d!

One mark of a great statesman is to know when to be patient and when to take bold action or when to utter strong words in prelude to action. Here are two examples of the bold and the beautiful. It may not be "the blind leading the blind" but it sure is the visionless leading the way to nowhere.

Harb: Sfeir Asked Lahoud Bluntly to Resign. Why now and why the bluntness Your Holiness? Lahoud's terrible influence only became apparent a few days ago? Wait a while longer so we can all say again that you are wise and measured.

And, after months of sheer insults from Hezbollah, PM Seniora/Sanioura/Siniora to Hezbollah:

"You are not our Lord and the party (Hizbullah) is not our Lord … Who appointed you to say I am right and all else is wrong?" Saniora asked Nasrallah.

That's great Milquetoast but why the rush? Wait until the Hezbollah guys are eating pizza on your PM desk, instead of in your stairway. Plenty of time to spare.

Furthermore, no serious Lebanese politician worth his salt would criticize anyone by merely saying "you are destroying the country". Because, you know, that's usually OK with many in the country and is not a very convincing argument in Lebanon.

To be really "scathing" in your response, you have to add that what's happening is bad for the Arabs and/or Palestine.

And so we get:
He [Seniora] said Hizbullah's resistance, because of the party-led protest in Beirut, was "losing the backing of all Arabs and Muslims, asking: "Are the streets of Beirut the terrain for the resistance? Is Israel here in Beirut?"
The man can't even see that as he attempts a response to Hezbollah, he is further recognizing their so-called "resistance" credentials and undermining his position. Talk about shooting yourself in the head errr.. foot.

Of course diplomatic language is even worse in its blandness and uselessness. Here's another master of the very obvious: U.S. Official Warns Lebanon Situation Could Get Worse. And another: Saudi King: "Dark Clouds Threatening Civil Strife in Lebanon".

Thanks guys! Without your insight I would have thought Lebanon was doing peachy keen.