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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Off Blogging for a While

Thanks to all my readers. I don't know when I'll be back.

Stay well, one and all.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Strike, Demonstrations, Mayhem across Lebanon

So Hezbollah cuts the road to the airport and shuts down the airport, something “unacceptable” we were told by the army a while back. Beirut seems paralyzed with burning tires, blocked roads and rolling clashes.

Headlines from Naharnet Live Update(Link probably good one day).

8:13 pm Premier Saniora met Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and telephoned Army Commander Gen. Michel Suleiman and Defense Minister Elias Murr to discuss latest developments.
Great! The top dogs are “discussing”. You have to wonder when is it exactly time to actually ACT in the Saniora calendar?

8:14 Hizbullah mouthpiece Manar tv station: Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri’s Amal movement said the government bears full responsibility of what happened today.
That’s right. YOU block the airport, the government is responsible. YOU shut down the downtown economy, the government is responsible. I agree with Berri on that one, only cuz the government has failed to blow all your asses to kingdom come already.

8:15 Saniora also contacted Saudi and Egyptian Foreign Ministers Saoud al-Faisal and Ahmad Abulgheit, and denied contacting U.S. official David Welch

Patheticus Ultimus Doofus Saniora is on the damn TELEPHONE again with people who live miles away and who could not care less about the average Beiruti. But God forbid, PC-correct asshole might speak with a US representative. Keep up appearances Foufou. Their knife is already cutting through your worthless throat, but appearances and your Arabist credentials are intact, ya air(head).

8:45 pm Lebanon Grand Mufti Mohammed Qabbani adresses [sic] the Lebanese

The head of the government, PMoron Saniora will discuss this with a Saudi newspaper, but only months from now. For now, the guy on TV in the middle of the crisis is, TADA: the Sunni MUFTI of the Banana Republic.

8:46 Hizbullah has become an armed force aims at occupying Beirut, Qabbani said
News to the downtown businesses that have been occupied for over a year now.

8:47 Qabbani warned Hizbullah against attacking the Lebanese civilians and hegemony over the Lebanese state and governmental institutions
OK but do the army and the government have a position on attacking civilians and property?

8:48 Hizbullah is trying to overpower Lebanon, Qabbani added
8:50 Lebanese Sunna are fed up with Hizbullah practices, Grand Mufti Qabbani said

Sunna fed up but here’s the big mystery: what do Armenian-Orthodox, Greek-Catholics and Bahais think of Hezbo practices? I wonder.

8:51 Qabbani called on Hizbullah leaders to pull their armed men out of Beirut's streets and its central district.
I am with Qabbani on that one, but what is the view of the security officers and ministers, or the PM, here? Still too early for a curfew or state of emergency?

And the night is young, but here is the PRIMARY reason for this post:

7:40pm March 14 forces asked Arab League and UNSC tp [sic} provide Arab-International protection for the Lebanese government and civilians against Hizbullah-led opposition’s armed groups
If this is true, and M14 is the government, could it be that the clueless bunch has figured out that the institutions of state are NOT working, contrary to Saniora’s Independence Day claim?

What does General Suleiman say about his guaranty that the army is willing and able to keep the peace?

And finally, if Hezbo leaders and allies are attacking the state and the people, isn’t it time to put their names on the wanted list and to stop calling them "resistance"?